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Minimalist Makeup

When it comes to makeup, it’s actually very easy for me to be a minimalist about it. When I was younger, I wore it every day, though my mother always told me “Don’t wear foundation or you’ll have acne.” My parents also scared the crap out of me when I was young, telling me that I would have acne, wrinkles, etc. if I didn’t take care of my skin, so starting at the age of nine, I was already using eye cream. I’ve continued taking care of my skin (I even own a natural skincare company!), and have never worn foundation (though under my eyes need concealer because my anti-depressants give me black circles). But a weird thing happened to...

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Zero Waste Grooming: Oral Care

Zero waste grooming has become something that I have really focused on in the last year. Previously, I would just purchase whatever I needed wherever I would land, as it cut down on how much stuff I actually had to travel with. But it turns out that purchasing grooming products over and over again is not only expensive, but actually terrible for the planet: plastic toothbrushes with nylon bristles; plastic razors; plastic mouthwash bottles; plastic toothpaste tubes…they all add up to be a lot of plastic that never freaking decomposes, and here I was, moving so often and purchasing so much of it, that I probably accounted for ten years of someone’s consumerism in a third of the amount of...

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