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My Capsule Wardrobe Rules

For about three years, I have been obsessed with minimal closets. Have you ever been on Pinterest and looked at the photos of the most perfect closets, beautiful in their curation and not overflowing with stuff, and think to yourself “How in the hell does this person keep their closet so pristine, and where are the rest of their items!?” I thought that getting rid of a ton of clothes, only purchasing pieces that were transitional through seasons (which I do anyway), and hiding things that weren’t beautiful (like socks and beanies) was the way to have a gorgeous closet. But I still had way too much stuff, and I wasn’t going to get rid of my $1500 boots because...

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What I Bring When I Travel: Los Angeles Edition

As you’ve read in the previous two posts, I recently went home to LA for a week. One of my good friends got married, and I generally go back at least once a year to visit doctors and take care of anything that needs to be done on the West Coast.  I was there for six days with multiple different events I needed to go to, but as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has the longest wait time to get your checked luggage, I never like to check bags when I go. Fitting six days’ worth of outfits (sometimes changing clothes three times per day) into a carry-on can prove difficult, but if you’ve read anything about capsule wardrobes, it’s...

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What I Bring When I Travel Part II

Hey guys, I’m back from LA and utterly exhausted. I also caught some weird virus (on my birthday, nonetheless!) that gave me a rash all over my stomach and arms, and I’m now trying everything homeopathic to get rid of it before I move onto antibiotics. I’ve been up most of the night trying not to scratch myself, but holy crap am I itchy! Definitely not a welcome home present.  I got back to Beverly (where I’m currently staying), and the roof in the hallway had collapsed before I left, yet is still not fixed despite my attempts to contact the property manager. I’m also on my period and it’s raining for the next four days, so with all this...

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What I Bring When I Travel: Part I

I’m about to go home to L.A. next week, and I thought I’d talk about what I travel with regarding bathroom products. I’ll be gone for a week, but actually, I never change the amount of what I travel with because I think I’ve gotten it down pretty well (unless of course, I’ll be gone for months, and then I need more of what I’m bringing).  Being a woman, we have to travel with a lot more than men do: we have makeup, menstrual products, body care products, etc. Men actually seem to be clueless about what to pack regarding bathroom products while traveling, and generally forget a lot of things and are very wasteful because of it. If it...

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Natural SPF

I wanted to take a break from minimalism and zero waste this week and talk about something that is very important, especially because we’re moving into warmer months: sunscreen. I have darker skin and have never had to wear sunscreen because I do not burn, but with that being said, I have a lot of sun damage on the inner layers of my skin that I have to constantly feed with nutrients to not have them appear on the outside. I used to absolutely cook myself in tanning beds in the early 2000’s (hey, we all did it), and despite everyone telling me that I was damaging my skin, I didn’t really see it until I was in my late...

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