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Summer Perfume Kit
Summer Perfume Kit

Summer Perfume Kit

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Move into the warmer months with spicy florals, leafy citrus, and sultry musks with our SASTIMOS Summer Kit! Essential oils such as neroli, sandalwood, carnation, and mandarin will energize your senses and gear you up for the hottest months of the year before everything begins to wither again. A gorgeous kit that you can wear alongside the sun as it travels through these zodiac signs, or change every day dependent on your mood.


SASTIMOS Summer Kit includes:

-‘Gemini.’: Pure Neroli and Orange will have you feeling like you’re walking through an orange grove on a crisp morning

-‘Cancer.’: Carnation and Mandarin make your skin as sweet, spicy, and floral as mature flowers

-‘Leo.’: Red Musk and Sandalwood make you sizzle as hot as the last breath of Summer comes to a close, making way for a new season to begin

*Our Summer perfume kit includes three SASTIMOS of hot weathered scents: ‘Gemini.’, ‘Cancer.’, and ‘Leo.’ at a discounted price than purchasing them individually.


Ingredients: (Gemini) Grapeseed Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil; (Cancer) Grapeseed Oil, Carnation Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil; (Leo) Grapeseed Oil, Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Natural Red Musk Fragrance Oil

Net weight: 10 ml each