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Spring Perfume Kit
Spring Perfume Kit

Spring Perfume Kit

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Come out of the dark, gloomy months of winter with scents of floral, earthiness, and sweet fruits with our SASTIMOS Spring Kit! Essential oils such as violet, orange, rose, and black pepper will alight your senses and gear you up for the rainier months when everything goes into bloom. A gorgeous kit that you can wear alongside the sun as it travels through these zodiac signs, or change every day dependent on your mood.


SASTIMOS Spring Kit includes:

-‘Pisces.’: Violet Absolute and Japanese Cherry Blossom will have you feeling like you’re in a violet field at peak bloom, closing off as the last zodiac sign to signify that the cycle of death is coming to an end

-‘Aries.’: Black Pepper, Dark Patchouli, and Rose align perfectly with the zodiac’s first sign that signifies the transition into a new year of birth

-‘Taurus.’: Orange and Apple Blossom begin to warm you up as the Spring comes to an end and summer approaches

*Our Spring perfume kit includes three SASTIMOS of mild weathered scents: ‘Pisces.’, ‘Aries.’, and ‘Taurus.’ at a discounted price than purchasing them individually.


Ingredients: (Pisces) Grapeseed Oil, Violet Absolute, Natural Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil; (Aries) Grapeseed Oil, Dark Patchouli Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil; (Taurus) Grapeseed Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Natural Apple Blossom Fragrance Oil

Net weight: 10 ml each